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Download Skype Update Version 2017 Mod+Apk

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Skype Update Version 2017

Skype Mod+Apk

Skype Mod+Apk is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls. Skype implements a freemium model. Much of the service is free, but Skype Credit or a subscription is required to call a landline or a mobile phone number.

Skype is a software program, available for both computers and mobile devices, that facilitates free or low-cost communication. Skype is a multi-channel communications software that provides video chat, voice calls, instant messaging & more to business of all sizes.

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Skype is also able to call mobile and landline phones for $0.026 a minute. Lower rates are possible if you pay monthly. For example, unlimited calling in North America is currently $7.99 a month, unlimited to the world, $13.99 a month. Skype is a video and voice-over-IP (VoIP) provider. After signing up for an account, users can call other Skype users and talk with them for free using their computers. If a webcam is available, video chat with up to 3 others is also possible. The Skype interface also has a built-in instant messaging program. That is a amazing software.

Skype Mod+Apk

Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are. Now Skype is part of Microsoft. Together we will bring innovative technology to friends, family and colleagues everywhere. And now the future possibilities for our customers are even more exciting.

  • 1 Instant messaging and chat history. 1.1 Chat history. 1.2 Emoticons and formatting. …
  • 2 Calls between Skype and landline / mobile phone numbers. 2.1 Outgoing calls. …
  • 3 Skype Premium.
  • 4 Voicemail.
  • 5 Video calling and screen sharing.
  • 6 SMS text messaging.
  • 7 Wireless hotspot network access.
  • 8 Application features.

Skype Mod+Apk

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